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Wed Night Leaders

Here's the basic information for how a Wed. Night will work!

schedule for K-6th grade

schedule for pre-k and babies

Crew Members, please still follow the times for arrival mentioned in the schedule above.


  • Choose two songs to sing with the kids or play on the CD player or TV
  • Read a Bible story from one of the books
  • Play with the kids!


  • Eat together at the tables from 6-6:30pm
  • When kids get done, they can color at the table until the rest are finished eating
  • Help kids with their Prayer Bears
  • Free play until 7pm
  • 7-8pm, Bible Adventure Curriculum

what are the volunteers doing?

Meals will be cooked on a rotation by a team of people. It is up to the person/people on rotation what is on the menu. Currently, we feed about 50 people!

1st Crew

  • Ticket Taker - listens to kids say memory verses and hands out, up to three tickets, per child for special snacks. It's a great way to engage with and encourage the children without any extra prep.
  • Ice Breaker - These are small games that kids can play while they eat. Things like would you rather, hang man, surveys, etc.
  • Game Leader - Our game leaders are highly energetic and will get to blow whistle! Fun right?!

2nd Crew

  • Bible Story - The Bible story leader reads a small passage to the kids and a short application recap. The material is provided in advance for the leader to study ahead of time. Other than that, no prep is needed.
  • Station Leader - Each station leader will have two activities to choose from. They are responsible for knowing the material and preparing their station. The purpose of the station is to teach the Bible story application in a tangible way.
  • Line Leader - This person gets to know the kids through leading them to the rotations and getting to do the activities with them. Often times, they are the ones the children will open up to the most.

Please let us know how you would like to be involved