Through the Bible – Week 48

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Week 48: (Day 330-336)

Day 330: Acts 23:26-27:8

Q1. Why do you think Paul appealed to Caesar in Acts 25:12? Do you think he knew that he would be held prisoner until Caesar heard his case, even if the lower authorities found him unworthy of imprisonment (Acts 26:31-32)?

A1. I think Paul knew, but his goal was not to leave prison. His goal was to spread the gospel as far as he could and getting to present the gospel to Caesar would definitely be worth the effort.


Day 331: Acts 27:9-28:31; Romans 1:1-15

Q1. What did the natives think of Paul being bit by a viper after surviving a shipwreck in Acts 28:4?

A1. They thought that he must have done something horrible, like murder, for all of this tragedy to fall on him. As they soon found out, this all occurred to show God’s power and grace for those that follow Him.


Day 332: Romans 1:16-5:11

Note1. Romans 1:18-20; when Judgement Day occurs, no one will be able to present an excuse to God for why they rejected Him.

Note2. Romans 1:23-32; it seems like all of the sins listed here are a result of the first sin mentioned in verse 25 which is idolatry.

Note3. Paul says in Romans 2:28-29 that being a Jew is not about flesh and bone.


Day 333: Romans 5:12-8:25

Q1. Romans 6:4; what is the symbolism of baptism?

Q2. Romans 8:15-17, does God see us as His slaves?

Note1. Romans 8:18; how anxious would you be if you could see an eternity in heaven and compare it to our few short years here on this earth? Paul learned that nothing in this life compares to the greatness of heaven.

A1. Going underwater represents being buried with Jesus into death, and coming out of the water symbolizes being raised from the dead to walk in a new life as Christ did!

A2. Of course not! He sees us as His children.


Day 334: Romans 8:26-11:24

Note1. Romans 8:28; this verse is sometimes misquoted and misinterpreted saying that only good things will happen to you when you become a Christian. This verse really means that no matter what happens in your Christian life, good or bad, God will use it to bring us closer to Him, which of course, is to our benefit.

Note2. Romans 10:9; what does this verse say to you?

Note3. Romans 11:18; Gentiles are some of the branches grafted into the root that is Israel. We must always respect the root because it supports the branches.


Day 335: Romans 11:25-15:33

Note1. Does Romans 13:1-2; do these verses change your perspective on politics?


Day 336: Romans 16; 1Corinthians 1:1-4:13

Q1. What problem did Paul find in the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 1:11-13?

A1. There were divisions and quarreling in the church. No one understood that each apostle was teaching under the authority of Jesus. The people thought each apostle’s teaching was somehow better than the other’s.

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