Through the Bible – Week 47

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Week 47: (Day 323-329)

Day 323: Acts 7:30-9:22

Q1. Acts 8:29; who told Philip to join the Ethiopian?

A1. The Holy Spirit


Day 324: Acts 9:23-11:30

Note1. Acts 10:44-48; the Gentiles had not followed any of the Mosaic ceremonial laws like circumcision, and they still were able to receive the Holy Spirit.


Day 325: Acts 12-13

Note1. Acts 12:9; it is interesting to see that visions from the Lord can seem so real that it is hard to distinguish them from reality.

Note2. Acts 13:45-48; it is time now for Paul to fulfill his purpose of preaching the salvation of Jesus to the Gentiles, exclusively.


Day 326: Acts 14:1-16:10

Q1. Acts 15:1; what was the false teaching that some of the Judeans were bringing to the new believers in Jerusalem?

A1. These men were teaching that the circumcision according to the custom of Moses was necessary for salvation. Peter told them that salvation is by faith in Jesus (Acts 15:7-11).


Day 327: Acts 16:11-18:28

Q1. Acts 17:30-31; of all the people that have lived and died in this world, how did God prove to us that Jesus was the one that He would judge the world by?

A1. God raised Jesus from the dead!


Day 328: Acts 19-20

Q1. Why were the Ephesian elders crying with Paul as he left their city in Acts 20:17-38?

A1. Paul knew his ministry was almost over and they would not see him again on this side of heaven.


Day 329: Acts 21:1-23:25

Q1. Why did the Roman Tribune cease from beating Paul in Acts 22:25-29?

A1. They found out Paul was a Roman citizen and this was illegal unless Paul had been condemned in a formal Roman hearing.

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