Through the Bible – Week 46

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Week 46: (Day 316-322)

Day 316: John 10:19-12:11

Note1. John 10:22-42; these verses illustrate a central doctrine to Christianity. While our heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus have different roles, They are one. Jesus offers His works as proof that He is of the Father.

Q1. John 11:1-44; the people had seen Jesus perform many miracles from calming storms to healing blindness. What was the one miracle that they couldn’t believe He could do?

A1. They didn’t believe that Jesus was more powerful than death!


Day 317: John 12:12-14:11

Q1. John 12:42-43; why were some of the authorities afraid of confessing their belief in Jesus?

A1. They loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God. They didn’t want to lose their position of authority.


Day 318: John 14:12-17:13

Q1. John 14:26; what is another name for the Holy Spirit?

A1. The Helper


Day 319: John 17:14-19:42

Q1. John 17; was Jesus’ prayer only for the apostles?

A1. No, v.20 says that Jesus is praying for everyone that will believe in Him.


Day 320: John 20-21; Acts 1:1-2:13

Q1. John 20:30-31; why did John write this book?

Q2. Acts 2:1-13; why was this Pentecost so special?

A1. John wanted all to know that Jesus is the promised Messiah and all can have eternal life through Him!

A2. Pentecost was the second of the annual harvest festivals, coming 50 days after Passover (ESV Study Bible). This particular Pentecost was made special by the promise of the Holy Spirit being fulfilled!


Day 321: Acts 2:14-4:37

Q1. Who was Peter quoting in Acts 2:17-21?

A1. The prophet Joel (Joel 2:28-32)


Day 322: Acts 5:1-7:29

Q1. Why were the apostles arrested in Acts 5:17?

Q2. Why were the apostles rejoicing after they had been beaten in Acts 5:41?

A1. The Sadducees were filled with jealousy.

A2. They were counted as worthy to suffer the same treatment that Jesus endured.

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