Through the Bible – Week 45

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Week 45: (Day 309-315)

Day 309: Luke 21:10-22:46

Note1. Luke 22:27 is a good test for evaluating leaders.


Day 310: Luke 22:47-24:23

Q1. Luke 22:67; did the council really want to know if Jesus was the Christ?

A1. No. They just wanted Him to say it so they could charge Him with blasphemy. They had no interest in knowing the Messiah.


Day 311: Luke 24:24-53; John 1:1-2:11

Note1. Luke 24:25-27; scholars have identified more than 300 passages in the Old Testament that Jesus could have discussed with the two on the road to Emmaus.

Note2. Luke 24:37-43; make no mistake. The disciples were not talking to a spirit. It wasn’t just Jesus’ spirit that rose from the grave. He was showing them that His physical body had returned to life. Perhaps this is why He asked for something to eat.

Q1. Who is the Word in John 1:1?

A1. The Word is Jesus. See John 1:14.


Day 312: John 2:12-4:38

Note1. John 3:16; the gospel in a nutshell.


Day 313: John 4:39-6:51

Note1. John 5:23; you cannot honor God if you don’t honor Jesus, His Son.

Q1. John 6:28-29; what are the works that God wants you to do?

A1. Believe in Jesus!


Day 314: John 6:52-8:20

Note1. John 7:31; the people who were witnessing Jesus’ signs were beginning to see believe in Him. They thought these signs could only come from the Christ.

Q1. John 7:38-39; what are these “living waters” that Jesus speaks of?

A1. The Holy Spirit


Day 315: John 8:21-10:18

Q1. John 8:39-40; the Jews were clinging to their heritage through Abraham. Why is this statement just lip service?

Note1. John 9:1-3; even today, people seem to believe that if something bad happens to you, you must have done something to deserve it. Conversely, if everything is well with you, then you must be doing what you are supposed to. Jesus is saying that this thinking isn’t true.

Note2. John 9:25; this is a perfect example of how we are supposed to witness to the world. All God wants us to do is to tell people what has happened in our lives. The Holy Spirit will do the rest!

A1. Jesus told them if they were truly Abraham’s children they would be doing what Abraham would do. They were seeking to murder a prophet and that is not something Abraham would do.

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