Through the Bible – Week 44

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Week 44: (Day 302-308)

Day 302: Luke 6:27-8:25

Q1. Luke 6:43-45; where do our words come from?

Note1. Luke 8:9-10; Jesus quotes Isaiah 6:9. The parables are explaining deep truths to people who want to believe but these same parables harden the hearts of those that reject Him.

A1. Our words come from our heart. If the heart has an abundance of evil, evil is produced. If the heart has an abundance of good, good is produced. This good or evil will naturally come out when we speak.


Day 303: Luke 8:26-10:16

Q1. Luke 9:46-48; why is it pointless for us to try to gain authority over each other?

A1. God gives more value to servants than to authority figures.



Day 304: Luke 10:17-12:12

Q1. Luke 11:27-28; what did Jesus say to a person who blessed His mother, Mary?

Note1. Luke 12:11-12; have you ever been afraid of saying the wrong thing when talking about Jesus to someone? Do these verses help you?

A1. Blessed is the one who hears the word of God, and keeps it.


Day 305: Luke 12:13-14:11

Note1. Luke 14:7-11; Jesus is teaching us to stay humble and to avoid thinking too highly of ourselves.


Day 306: Luke 14:12-16:31

Note1. Luke 14:25-33; Romans 6:23 tells us that eternal life through Jesus Christ is a free gift. However, we have to consider the cost of receiving this gift. We must be willing to die to ourselves and our selfish desires. Then we can live the life we were created for.

Note2. Luke 16:31; this verse tells us the power of God’s Word through Moses and the Prophets. They are meant to be more convincing than a person returning from the dead.


Day 307: Luke 17:1-19:27

Note1. Luke 17:7-10; we should never be puffed up and arrogant about what God does through us. The work He does is through His own power and not our own. We serve God because it is our duty and expect nothing in return even though He has already given us eternal life through His Son, Jesus.

Note2. Luke 18:1-8; this parable teaches us to never stop praying. When you think that your prayer is no longer heard, keep praying. When you think God is bothered by your prayer, keep praying. That is what He wants; continual communication with us.


Day 308: Luke 19:28-21:9

Note1. Luke 20:9-18; the people thought that this parable would never happen. Jesus, by quoting Psalms 118, let the people and religious leaders know that it is happening right now.

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