Through the Bible – Week 43

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Week 43: (Day 295-301)

Day 295: Mark 8:1-10:12

Q1. Mark 8:22-26; was Jesus not powerful enough to heal the blind man on the first try?

A1. Of course, He could have healed in one attempt. The fact that He didn’t probably means He is trying to illustrate something. This event is probably tied to verses 14-21. Jesus gave the man a little bit of sight like His teachings and miracles to the disciples, but then He gave the man full site, so that he could see clearly. The disciples still don’t fully see who Jesus is or why He has come. Jesus is about to tell them in verse 31 of His coming death and resurrection so they may fully see why He is here.


Day 296: Mark 10:13-12:12

Q1. Who are the people symbolized by the parable in Mark 12:1-12?

A1. The tenants are the religious leaders of Israel. The landowner is God. The slain son is Jesus.


Day 297: Mark 12:13-14:11

Note1. Mark 12:32; the scribe realizes that God wants your love more than He wants your offerings and sacrifices.


Day 298: Mark 14:12-15:47

Note1. Mark 14:51-52; some scholars think that this young man was Mark, himself.


Day 299: Mark 16; Luke 1

Note1. Obviously, Luke wasn’t one of the twelve disciples. He was interested in the stories he heard about Jesus and went about an investigation to see if they were true. This letter is his findings.


Day 300: Luke 2-3

Note1. Luke 3:23-38; wouldn’t you like to be able to trace your ancestors back to the garden of Eden?


Day 301: Luke 4:1-6:26

Note1. Luke 6:13; Jesus had many disciples but among them He chose 12 to be called apostles.

Note2. Luke 6:26; having people speak well of you doesn’t always mean that you are doing the Lords’ will.

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