Through the Bible – Week 28

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Week 28: (Day 190-196)

Day 190: Psalms 104:5-105:24

Note1. The psalmist starts with worshipping God for creation, in chapter 104 and then goes into praising Him for His works starting with Abraham and onward.


Day 191: Psalms 105:25-106:33

Q1. Who is Ham, mentioned in Psalms 105:27?

Note1. The psalmist takes time to remember the miracle that God did in bringing Israel out of Egypt.

Note2. Psalms 106:6-12 remembers God saving them even though they didn’t deserve it. This is a great example of grace!

A1. Ham is the cursed son of Noah (Genesis 9:18-27, 10:6).


Day 192: Psalms 106:34-107:38

Note1. Psalms 106:34-48; it is important for us to take time periodically to remember what God has done for us.


Day 193: Psalms 107:39-109:31

Note1. Psalms 109:6-20; David is asking God to bring onto his accusers all of the trouble that they are bringing to the faithful.


Day 194: Psalms 110-113

Note1. Psalms 111:10 is a good verse to remember today with so many people claiming to be wise without acknowledging God. We know that their wisdom has no foundation. We will see this thought again in Proverbs.

Q1. Psalms 112:7; what freedom does the Lord give those that trust in Him?

A1. Freedom from fear!


Day 195: Psalms 114:1-118:9

Note1. Psalms 114; if the seas and mountains fear the Lord, shouldn’t we have the same fear and respect?


Day 196: Psalms 118:10-119:40

Q1. Psalms 119:9; how can a person keep their way pure?

Note2. Psalms 119:23; instead of coming up with ways to defend himself, the psalmist will just keep his eyes on the Lord and His statutes.

A1. A many can keep his way pure by guarding it according to God’s word. This, of course, requires him to know God’s word. This another reason we must know God’s Word.

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