Through the Bible – Week 27

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Week 27: (Day 183-189)

Day 183: Psalms 83-86

Note1. Psalms 84; have you ever felt this way about going to church?


Day 184: Psalms 87:1-89:37

Q1. Psalms 88; what is one way to help us when we think the Lord is against us?

A1. Satan uses this feeling to turn us away from the Lord. We should stop and remember all of the great things that the Lord has done for us, showing us His great love.


Day 185: Psalms 89:38-91:13

Note1. Psalms 91:11-12; Satan quotes these verses during his temptation of Jesus in Luke 4:10-11. Satan knows scripture and he knows how to twist it. It is important for us to know it as well so that we can become familiar with God’s character as He reveals it through His Word. We must always filter everything we hear through the Bible. Even if an angel tells you something contrary to God’s word, we must be able to hold tight to the Bible (Galatians 1:6-10).


Day 186: Psalms 91:14-94:16

Q1. Psalms 91:14; is God’s deliverance based on our own merit and worthiness?

Note1. Psalms 94:7-9; how foolish it is to think God can’t see our sin. Can He create our eyes without being able to see, Himself?

A1. God’s deliverance is based on grace, His unmerited favor. God’s deliverance is for anyone that holds fast to Him in love.


Day 187: Psalms 94:17-98:3

Q1. Psalms 94:18; what holds us up when our foot slips?

Note1. Psalms 96:2; is there anything more worthy to sing about day to day than His salvation?

A1. The Lord’s steadfast love holds us up.


Day 188: Psalms 98:4-102:7

Note1. Psalms 102:1-7 seems to be saying that distress and despair can affect our physical health. Would you agree? What comfort does it bring you to know that our God is there for us to give our burdens to?


Day 189: Psalms 102:8-104:4

Q1. Psalms 102:18; why do you think future generations would want a record of God’s great works?

Note1. Psalms 103:10-13; here is yet another way God wants us to know that we are not slaves to our sins. Through Jesus, He wants to give us freedom from our iniquities.

A1. We all will doubt God’s greatness, His goodness, and His power, from time to time. During these moments in our lives, it is important to stop and remember that God’s track record is perfect. He has always come through on His promises and His perfect love for us was proven when Jesus gave His life for us.

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