Through the Bible – Week 26

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Week 26: (Day 176-182)

Day 176: Psalms 68:5-69:4

Note1. Psalms 68:18; see Ephesians 4:8-11. Paul uses this verse to talk about Jesus Christ giving us gifts of church leaders.


Day 177: Psalms 69:5-71:16

Q1. Psalms 69:6; does our sin affect only us?

Note1. Psalms 69:13; David trusts that God’s timing is best.

Q2. Psalms 69:30-31; what pleases the Lord more than sacrifices, according to David?

A1. Our sin can affect other believers and even hurt their reputations.

A2. Praise and Thanksgiving


Day 178: Psalms 71:17-73:20

Note1. Psalms 71:18; have you thought about how you are sharing your knowledge of God to the next generation?

Q1. What almost caused the psalmist to slip in Psalms 73:1-3?

A1. He was envious of the arrogant after seeing the prosperity of the wicked. Don’t be fooled!


Day 179: Psalms 73:21-76:7

Note1. Psalms 73:21-28; even when the psalmist doesn’t understand God’s ways and his attitude is poor, he has decided to always come back to Him.


Day 180: Psalms 76:8-78:24

Q1. Psalms 77:4-9; what does the psalmist do whenever he begins to question God?

Note1. Psalms 78:20; even though the Israelites saw the miracle of water coming from a rock, they still doubted that the Lord could feed them (Exodus 16:1-21, 17:6). Have you ever doubted God’s power in your life, even after seeing other miracles?

A1. Psalms 77:11; he will remember all of the great things that God has done to prove His love to us.


Day 181: Psalms 78:25-72

Note1. Continuing on from the previous verses, Psalms 78:32, “In spite of all this, they still sinned…”


Day 182: Psalms 79-82

Note1. Psalms 79:8-10; the psalmist puts his concern where it belongs. He focuses on God’s name and reputation among the nations.

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