Through the Bible – Week 25

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Week 25: (Day 169-175)

Day 169: Psalms 45:13-48:14

Q1. Why was the psalmist, in Psalms 47, so eager to sing praises?

A1. God subdued all that opposed Israel and He chose a heritage for them that was beyond anything they could have dreamed. Why do you sing?


Day 170: Psalms 49:1-51:9

Q1. Why is it foolish to boast in your wealth?

Q2. Psalms 50:23; what sacrifice glorifies God?

Q3. At what point in David’s life, did he write Psalms 51?

A1. Psalms 49:17; he will take none of it with him and it will do him no good, where he is going.

A2. Offering thanks!

A3. He was confronted by Nathan after he had gone in to Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11, 12:1)


Day 171: Psalms 51:10-54:7

Q1. Was David offering a sacrifice to persuade God to help him, in Psalms 54?

A1. No. Psalms 54:6-7; David’s sacrifice is offered freely in thanksgiving because God has always come through for him.


Day 172: Psalms 55:1-57:3

Note1. Psalms 57; see 1 Samuel 22:1, 24:1-3.


Day 173: Psalms 57:4-60:12

Note1. Psalms 59; see 1 Samuel 19:11.

Note2. Psalms 60; see 2 Samuel 8:3, 13, 14, 10:16.


Day 174: Psalms 61-64

Note1. Psalms 63; have you ever been desperate for something? David is desperate for God like someone desperate for water in the desert.


Day 175: Psalms 65:1-68:4

Note1. Psalms 66:5; God does not hide Himself from us. He wants us to see Him and know that He is right here among us.

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