Through the Bible – Week 24

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Week 24: (Day 162-168)

Day 162: Psalms 27:7-31:5

Note1. Psalms 27:14, 30:5; these verses give us hope and encouragement that things will get better. We just have to be patient.


Day 163: Psalms 31:6-33:5

Q1. What is the path to true joy in Psalm 32?

A1. Forgiveness of sins! (Romans 10:9-10)


Day 164: Psalms 33:6-35:21

Note1. Psalms 34; review 1 Samuel 21.

Q1. What does Psalms 34:19 say about the afflictions of the righteous?

A1. They will be many, so be ready for it. But the Lord delivers the righteous out of them all.


Day 165: Psalms 35:22-37:26

Note1. Delighting yourself in the Lord involves letting your desires line up with His desires and purposes for your life.

Q1. What does Psalms 37:8 say about fretting yourself?

A1. It tends only to evil.


Day 166: Psalms 37:27-39:13

Note1. Psalms 39 is a reminder that this life is but a breath compared to our eternity. Suffering, in this life, is just for a little while. But for those that trust in Jesus, they will be with their Creator forever.


Day 167: Psalms 40-42

Q1. What does Psalms 40:6 mean?

Note1. Psalms 40:10; Have you hidden Jesus in your heart or have you told others of His work.

A1. Sacrifices and offerings are offered to God as a symbol of faith, repentance and obedience. The symbols are meaningless without the heart behind them.


Day 168: Psalms 43:1-45:12

Note1. Psalms 44:1-3; their fathers told them of all the great things that the Lord had done for them. The older generation made sure the younger one knew that it was not the sword or bow that won the battle. The victory belongs to God.

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