Through the Bible – Week 22

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Day 148: Job 20:12-24:12

Note1. Job 21; Job argues with Zophar’s theory that bad things happen to bad people. Job contends that there are plenty of bad people that prosper.

Q1. What does Eliphaz say will happen if Job will just agree with God that his suffering is due to his wickedness?

Note2. Have you ever felt like Job in chapter 23? Job thinks God is hiding from him.

A1. Job 22:21; Eliphaz thinks that good will start to come to Job.


Day 149: Job 24:13-29:13

Note1. Job 24:25; Job is begging someone to prove him wrong. He thinks God punishing him for no reason while He lets bad people prosper.

Q1. What will Job’s integrity prevent him from doing in Job 27:2-6?

A1. Job knows it is wrong to say that you are righteous when you are not. He also thinks that it is wrong to admit wickedness if you don’t have any.


Day 150: Job 29:14-32:10

Note1. Job 30; Job remembers all the times that people cried out and he helped them and now feels no one will do the same for him.

Q1. Why did Elihu wait to speak his mind?

A1. Job 32:6; He was silent because he was young and timid. But now feels compelled to speak up when the three friends accuse Job of wrong but they can’t give Job an answer.


Day 151: Job 32:11-35:16

Note1. You may expect Elihu to step up and really support Job after his condemnation of his friends, but Elihu is saying a lot of the same things as the three friends.

Q1. According to Elihu, why was God not answering Job’s prayer in Job 35:12?

A1. Elihu thinks that God won’t listen to Job’s prayer because of Job’s pride. Elihu assumes that he can speak as an expert since he is not being punished, like he thinks Job is.


Day 152: Job 36:1-39:12

Note1. Do you see the arrogance of Elihu in Job 36:2-4?

Note2. God makes Job aware of his own ignorance.


Day 153: Job 39:13-42:9

Q1. What does God call Job in 40:1?

Note1. God’s questions make Job speechless.

Note2. Job 42:1-6; Job realizes that his words were careless and he repents.

Q2. What must the three friends do to avoid God’s wrath for their terrible counsel to Job, speaking words about God that were not right?

A1. Faultfinder

A2. They must make sacrifices and if Job prays for them, then God will accept it.


Day 154: Job 42:10-17; Psalms 1:1-5:7

Q1. When did the Lord restore Job’s fortunes?

Note1. Psalms 1:1-2 is my hope for anyone working through this study and the Bible.

Note2. Psalms 3 was written during the events of 2 Samuel 15:14-17.

Note3. Psalms 5:3; the word “watch” speaks to David’s faith as he is waiting on God. He watches because he knows God is going to do something!

A1. Job 42:10; Job was restored when he had prayed for his friends.

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