Through the Bible – Week 20

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Day 134: 2 Chronicles 35:20-36:23; Ezra 1-3

Note1. 2 Chronicles 36:20-21; see Leviticus 26:34-35, 43-45.

Note2. The prophecy mentioned in 2 Chronicles 36:21 is found in Jeremiah 25:11 and 29:10

Q1. How long did Judah lay desolate?

A1. 2 Chronicles 36:21; 70 years


Day 135: Ezra 4-7

Q1. Why did rebuilding the Temple have to cease, temporarily?

Q2. Who was Ezra?

A1. The local inhabitants opposed the rebuilding and bribed officials to intervene.

A2. Ezra 7: 1-6; Ezra was descended from Aaron, brother of Moses. That makes him a priest. Verse 6 goes on to say he is a scribe which means he has been trained in the Mosaic Law.


Day 136: Ezra 8-10; Nehemiah 1

Note1. Ezra 8:15; The Temple had been rebuilt but Ezra realized that they had no one to care for it. The only people allowed, under the law, were descendants of the tribe of Levi.

Q1a. What sin were the men, listed in Ezra 10:18-44, guilty of?

Q1b. Why was this sin?

Note2. The Israelites returned from captivity in waves. “With Nehemiah went the third wave of returning Jewish exiles.” (ESV Study Bible)

A1a. They had married foreign women.

A1b. Deuteronomy 7:1-5; God warned them that intermarriage with foreigners would lead them away from the Lord.


Day 137: Nehemiah 2-5

Q1. Who was Sanballat?

Q2. How did the Israelites get any work done with so many enemies around them?

Note1. Nehemiah 5:1-13; Mosaic Law forbids the Israelites from enslaving and charging interest on each other. (Deuteronomy 15:1-11, Exodus 22:25)

A1. It is thought that he is some kind of governor over the area that Nehemiah is working near (Samaria, maybe).

A2. First, the Lord was with them and frustrated the plans of their enemies (Nehemiah 4:15). Secondly, they each worked with their sword strapped at their side.


Day 138: Nehemiah 6:1-8:8

Q1. Why did Nehemiah turn down the invitation of Sanballat and Geshem?

Note1. Nehemiah had to be cautious around anyone that was trying to stop the rebuilding of the wall. This includes even other prophets (1 John 4:1-6).

A1. Nehemiah discerned that they were going to do him harm (Nehemiah 6:2).


Day 139: Nehemiah 8:9-11:21

Note1. These chapters cover Israel remembering all the Lord had done for them. They confessed their sin and reaffirmed their covenant with the Lord.

Q1. How did the returning exiles repopulate Jerusalem?

A1. Nehemiah 11:1-2; the leaders cast lots to choose 1 out 10 people to move to Jerusalem.


Day 140: Nehemiah 11:22-13:22

Note1. Nehemiah 12:43; has you ever rejoiced so loudly, from God’s restoration, that you were heard far away?

Q1. Why was Nehemiah so angry at Eliashib for preparing a chamber inside the Temple for Tobiah?

A1. Tobiah was not an Israelite (Nehemiah 2:10) and had been given a room inside the Temple meant for  storing the offering (Nehemiah 4-5).

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