Through the Bible – Week 19

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Day 127: 2 Chronicles 8:1-11:12

Q1. How many of the Israelites did Solomon put into forced labor?

Q2. Why didn’t Rehoboam listen to the older, wiser counsel in 2 Chronicles 10?

A1. Trick question: Solomon used the non-Israelites that were supposed to be driven out back in Joshua’s day. None of the Israelites were put into forced labor (2 Chronicles 8:7-9).

A2. Rehoboam’s heart was hardened by the Lord, much like He did to Pharoah during Moses’ day. This was to fulfill a prophecy that the kingdom would be divided (Israel and Judah) found in 1 Kings 11:29-39.


Day 128: 2 Chronicles 11:13-15:19

Q1. Why did the Levites leave Israel and move to Judah?

Q2. How did Judah enjoy so much prosperity under King Asa?

A1. Jeroboam kicked them out of Israel because they were priests of the Lord and he set up his own idols to worship. 2 Chronicles 11:13-16

A2. 2 Chronicles 14:7; Judah sought the Lord with their whole hearts and God granted them peace and prospered them.


Day 129: 2 Chronicles 16:1-20:13

Q1. What was wrong with Asa asking Ben-hadad, of Syria, for help?

Q2. What did King Jehoshaphat do when he heard of the great army coming up against him in 2 Chronicles 20:1-4?

A1. Asa should have asked the Lord for help first (2 Chronicles 16:7).

A2. Jehoshaphat sought the help of the Lord and proclaimed a fast for the whole country of Judah. All Judah assembled to seek the Lord.


Day 130: 2 Chronicles 20:14-24:14

Q1. What was Judah’s strategy in the battle of 2 Chronicles 20?

Note1. King Jehoram must have been a horrible king. It says in 2 Chronicles 21:20 …he departed with no one’s regret.

Q2. How did Athaliah become queen?

A1. 2 Chronicles 20:17; they didn’t even have to fight. The Lord won the battle before Judah even arrived at the battlefield.

A2. 2 Chronicles 22:10; while Jehu was executing judgement on the house of Ahab, Ahaziah was killed along with them. Ahaziah’s mother took the throne after destroying all of the royal family of the house of Judah.


Day 131: 2 Chronicles 24:15-28:27

Q1. Why did Amaziah kill only the people that killed his father and not their families along with them?

Q2. Who was the prophet that told Israel that they had gone too far in their treatment of Judah after they had defeated Judah (2 Chronicles 28:5-15)

Note1. As Ahaz’s world is coming down around him, he become more faithless to the Lord instead of running to Him in repentance (2 Chronicles 28:22).

A1. 2 Chronicles 25:4; Amaziah was following one of the Mosaic laws saying a child shall not die for the sins of their parents (Deuteronomy 24:16).

A2. 2 Chronicles 28:9; his name was Oded.


Day 132: 2 Chronicles 29-31

Note1. 2 Chronicles 29:2; this seems like a great honor, to be compared to David and all David did.

Note2. Hezekiah used the restoration of the Temple as a chance to reunite the northern kingdom of Israel with the southern kingdom of Judah, even if it was not permanent.

Q1. Why wasn’t the Lord’s anger provoked when the northerners came and participated in the Passover without being ceremonially cleansed.

A1. 2 Chronicles 30:17-20; because of Hezekiah’s intercession and the hearts of the people, God was merciful!


Day 133: 2 Chronicles 32:1-35:19

Q1. What was the difference between Judah’s God and the gods of all the nations that Assyria had conquered?

Note1. King Manasseh’s “claim to fame” seems to be the intensity of his repentance.

A1. 2 Chronicles 32:19; the gods of the other nations are the work of men’s hands. Judah worshiped the Creator instead of the created! (Romans 1:21-23)

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