Welcome to our church family! This page is for new members to have as a reference for information about the church and how to get plugged in serving and ministering to others.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow in faith, renew our hope, and share our love.


Celebration is a Southern Baptist Church, affiliated through the Missouri Baptist Convention. If you have any questions about our doctrinal beliefs, we agree with the doctrine laid out in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

What Now?

We have several resources for new members to figure out where God has gifted them to serve and to connect with others in the church.

  • Take this spiritual gifts assessment to find out where God has gifted you to serve.
  • Search for one of our current Connect Groups to join.
  • To view our members’ directory, go here and click “Directory” in the menu on the left side.  You must be logged in. If your account is not already setup, e-mail todd@celebrationjoplin.com.
  • Our church calendar is available on the website; you might want to bookmark the page.